The following general terms and conditions (“Terms”) form a legally binding agreement between Bioscreen and you in relation to our engagement to provide Bioscreen Services. By using Bioscreen and submitting a test you signify that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms, to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the Bioscreen privacy Policy (link). If you do not accept these Terms, you must not submit a Bioscreen Test Request form or sample and you must refrain from using Bioscreen. Please read these Terms carefully to ensure that you understand each provision. By submitting a Bioscreen Test Request form or by otherwise using Bioscreen, you agree to the following Terms.

Any information provided by us, including on Bioscreen reports or information on our website, is for information purposes only. Any information provided is not medical advice and should not be construed as such. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It must not be taken as a substitute for a consultation with your Health Care Practitioner.

If you have concerns relating to your health, we recommend that you seek advice from your Health Care Practitioner as soon as possible. We do not provide medical advice to clients.

To use Bioscreen’s services you must be 18 years or older. If you are under 18 you must have permission from a parent or guardian. By using our services, you represent the above. Parents and guardians of users under the age of 18 must read and agree to be bound by these Terms. Parents and guardians of users under the age of 18 agree to be responsible for their child’s use of Bioscreen and by providing us with information in relation to your child.

We reserve the right to decide for any reason to not provide the Bioscreen services to you. This will be notified to you in writing.

Bioscreen services will be provided to you by us in exchange for you paying the Fees as set out by us on the Website. You acknowledge that receipt of Bioscreen’s services and products is conditional upon us receiving payment in advance. We will do our upmost to get your report to you in a timely manner, however, we do not guarantee that the Bioscreen services will be performed or completed within any specific timeframe. We will not be liable for any delay that is out of our control such as instrument failure, staff absences, or any issue that may prevent us from completing our services.

Payment for services can be made by Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Money Order or Cash. If you make any payments with a credit or debit card, you authorise us to charge the designated credit or debit card for the total amount of the Fees, plus any applicable GST.

If a charge to your card fails, service will not be provided until payment can be captured. You will be notified immediately. You acknowledge and agree that we may provide your credit card information to third-party payment processors to enable us to charge the designated credit card.

All payments and purchases made in connection with Bioscreen are in Australian dollars. Under the Australian Consumer Law, you will be entitled to a refund or replacement for a major problem with our product or Services.  Refunds for Change of Mind will be issued at our discretion, as per Australia Consumer Law.

You acknowledge and agree we may change our fees at any time. This change will be notified via the website and by email to registered practitioners. If you do not accept the fees we charge or any changes to the fees, you must not use Bioscreen.

Upon submitting a Bioscreen request, over the phone or by email, we will review the information you provide by validating your method of payment and shipping address. Orders may not be accepted for delivery to certain addresses and territories based on their location. Once we have received payment, we will send you a Bioscreen Test Kit. Invalid order details may result in a delay in processing your order. Bioscreen Test Kits are subject to availability and we will not be liable for any delays in providing you with a Test Kit.

We will ship products via the shipping method of our choice. Each Test Kit that is despatched by Bioscreen contains the details of the user that ordered the Test Kit and is required to provide the sample. This is on the postage label attached to the outside of the Test Kit. Once you send a sample back to us, you consent to us conducting Bioscreen testing on the sample as agreed at the time of payment. If you submit a Bioscreen request for or on behalf of another person, you consent to us conducting Bioscreen testing on the sample. You consent that the person has read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

If there is a significant delay in the return of your sample for a reason that is not caused by you, Bioscreen will ask you to collect a new sample free of charge. If the delay was caused by you, a fee will be charged for a replacement Test Kit.

You must collect, package and ship the sample to us as described in the instruction sheet provided. We will only accept samples received as outlined in the instruction sheet. We are not obliged to provide you with a replacement or refund if you damage, misuse or misplace the Bioscreen Test Kit. If you require a new Test Kit for any of these reasons, a fee will be charged.

In rare instances, that are out of our control, Bioscreen may be unable to carry out testing of your sample. If this occurs, we will notify you and may request you to submit another sample. If this failure is due to you submitting an insufficient amount of sample, or due to incorrect packaging of the sample, we may charge you a replacement fee.

We reserve the right to destroy, dispose or retain any sample as we see fit once the testing has been completed. This is dependent on the type of sample and reason.

We will provide your Health Care Practitioner with a copy of your Bioscreen report. You may request a copy of the report to be sent to you, or to an alternative Health Care Practitioner, once an Authorisation to Release Form has been received by Bioscreen.

Information provided to Bioscreen by you will be used, stored and handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles that apply to us. Personal information and health related information may be required to be provided to us by you to provide you with our services.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, you consent to us collecting, storing and disclosing your user information. You consent to us providing your residential address, phone number and email address to our chosen couriers in connection with us providing our Services to you. You acknowledge and agree that they may use such information for the purpose of tracking your sample.

For user convenience, we may provide, but do not endorse, external health care practitioner details. It is your responsibility to decide on a a Health care provider. Once they are registered with Bioscreen, they can request a test on your behalf or provide you with a test request form to request it yourself.

Bioscreen reserves the right to suspend, withdraw, amend or discontinue some or all its services without notice. If Bioscreen is unavailable for a period, we will not be held liable. Our website may be taken down to facilitate an upgrade at any time.

Bioscreen reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. These terms will be provided on our website and you are responsible for staying up to date with these terms. By requesting and paying for a Bioscreen test, you are assumed to have agreed to these Terms, before or after any changes are made. If we suspect you are in breach of these Terms, we can stop your access to our services.

If any provision of these terms is deemed unlawful, they will be immediately removed from these Terms and rendered ineffective.