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We have a trillion bacteria living in the gut that manufacture amino acids, vitamins and other chemicals which are used by the body to maintain health 24 hours each and every day.

Intestinal Dysbiosis, or alterations to the distributions of microflora in the gut, can lead to altered amino acid production and increased amounts of harmful chemicals which are absorbed and may produce symptoms in many different body organs.

What Bioscreen do:

The extended Faecal microbiology performed by Bioscreen is different to what your GP is likely to order (which attracts a Medicare rebate). Our test does not attract a Medicare rebate.

Most GPs will order a Faecal Bacteriology and Parasitology test. This test looks for abnormal bacteria and parasites that should not be in the gut.

The Bioscreen test is a specialist test that cultures and counts the bacteria that should normally be in the gut.


If you have been referred to Bioscreen, please fill out the request form for a test kit and fax or e-mail it to us.

If you have any questions or require further information, please e-mail or contact us.



Please note our phone number.


We moved to our Yarraville address in April of 2014, and the redirection from our old number has expired.


Sorry for any confusion.