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Internet e-Seminar (via Zoom) to be held in September 

 What is and How to Manage a Gut Microbiota


Amine producing Organisms ”


In this seminar the gut microbial profile and management protocol of amine producing gut bacteria in patients with intestinal hypersensitivity will be discussed.

It is generally accepted that amine sensitivity or amine intolerance is related to dietary amines upon ingestion of food with high amine content. This seminar will highlight that amine producing organisms, found in food, are also found colonizing the large intestine of humans as commensal organisms. Patients with gut related amine sensitivity, expressing amine-related symptoms like neurological related migraine, eczema skin condition and/or alteration of gut motility, resulting from an increase abundance of amine producing organisms identified by the gut microbiota profile.

Individualized management protocol, in the form of case studies, will be disclosed. General management protocol consisting of normalizing an altered gut microbial ecosystem, suppressing the index organism(s) and introducing a customized diet as preventive medicine will be discussed.  

The seminar will be divided into two sections. First section (60min), presented by Dr. Henry Butt, is related to the microbiology of amine producing organisms in the gut. Specific conditions for amine production by these microorganisms will be identified. The second section ( 60min) will be presented by Dr. Fi  Lam*( MHB (Imm); MBCHB; DipSport Med; Cert Int Med (Qld); FRNZCGP; FRACGP; FACNEM). Fi will identify her principle approach and experience in the management of visceral sensitivity resulting from intestinal dysbiosis.


This seminar will be presented on:

Tuesday 1st, Friday 4th, Tuesday 8th and  Friday 11th September, 2020 at 7:00pm EST

 A nominal fee of $10 will be imposed.


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This e-seminar has limited places so book early to make sure you don’t miss out.


*Conflict of interest:

Dr. Fi Lam declares she receives no monetary nor benefits from Bioscreen for her part in the seminar.